Where to get quality translation service in France!

Where to get translation Service when traveling
I traveled to France this summer for some diving in the French Waters. Of course this was my first time visiting France so I needed to try and get some sort of translation at least for my hotel and my car rental. I luckily have friends in the “Translation Industry”. My good buddy Amir that I met in Santa Monica works for a company called “USA Translations“.
USA translation Services is a translation service with the highest quality in the industry. They can do something like 200 different languages and can do pretty much anything you want.
So I used them for their “French to English Translation Service“. It was a pretty easy process and they really came throughout making sure that I had a translator when I landed my plane!
I dived into the water at “nice” beach with a friend of mine Jennifer. Jennifer was pretty much my guide but also my friend. We met in Germany not too long ago. She doesn’t work for USA Translations but she does know about 7 dialects including German to English translation service. Shes is great. The water was cold. Here’s a cool video showing the beach we were at…
The water was beautiful. Gorgeous scenery, beautiful women, and such great food!
Here is some pictures of our travels
couple scuba diving
So the trip was wonderful and I couldn’t of had a better person to experience it with. Thank you Jennifer!



How to get mail when diving santa monica beaches!

On a recent trip to Santa Monica for some awesome scuba adventures in the beach, I was a little worried about how I would get my Mail. I had just ordered a pair of goggles from one of my favorite vendors and had to leave before they got to me. So I reached out to local mailbox centers in Los Angeles. I was able to find a place called Santa Monica Mailboxes and More. This guy was great! I told him about my predicament and he was very helpful and knowledgeable about the request. He asked that I call my vendor to see if my goggles had already shipped. Great news is that they hadn’t! Because the goggles were super popular and summer is almost here they had been on back order. Fortunately when I called they had just come in. So I asked if he could ship to a different address. Because the Goggle retailer was located in California he actually told me I could have them within 24-48 hours to the Los Angeles PO Box -Santa Monica Mailboxes & More address. I was really stoked on this because my trip was scheduled for 1-2 weeks.  I tweeted about the whole thing because I was super happy! Check out the new goggles…
best goggles

They are the new Atomic Aquatics. I love them.  And I was able to dive with them when I was in Santa Monica thanks to Alma at www.smmailboxes.com



My trip to Fort Lauderdale Intl. Boat Show- Mammoth Sized!

Being a magnet for boating enthusiast I frequent boat shows throughout the country. Today I found myself in Fort Lauderdale 55th Annual international boat show.

I always love this show. Beautiful yachts, boats, nautical bells people and looks at some of the most technologically advanced scuba gear on the planet!
This year I was invited by my good friends at Galleyware.  Galleyware has superior melamine dinnerwarenautical decor for yachts, boats, and even RV’s.
As I arrived I was greeted by owner and CEO Kris N. Kris and I have frequented many shows together, however this is our absolute favorite.
It is literally the Yacht Capital of the world.
I arrived a day late due to a plane trip that was delayed (damn southwest!).
But I was just in time because Kris said Thursday was mostly people setting up and Friday and Saturday were the main days.
Boy was he right! I was with literally thousands of like minded boat and yacht lovers.
Over 1500 Yachts were on the docks.
FT Lauderdale Yachts
Here are a couple pictures from the event.
As I was there I was able to climb aboard some of the most fabulous yachts in the industry.
There was live bands, large Yacht charter and rental companies, and beautiful Boats!
I highly recommend anyone who has a business on the water, real estate agents offering waterfront homes and communities to go next year!
I was able to network and pass out all 500 cards that I brought for my business.
Over the years I have been able to net over 100 deals from boat shows alone. It keeps me busy and I am able to actually turn down work from this type of marketing.
So all and all it was a great trip. Also I highly recommend anyone looking for items to decorate their boat to check out my good friends at Galleyware.
Thanks and until next time.



Best boats and condos in Mammoth Lakes California

My Mammoth Vacation

Hi My name is Travis and I am a travel enthusiast. I travel quite a bit being a young talented diving expert. I get called to places all over the world for different things. Some are fun and some are scary however I love it and I thought I’d start a blog about my travels throughout the world!

The first place I would like to discuss is Mammoth Lakes California. I was called here for a missing puppy and someone hired me to search the beautiful lakes for their missing pup. Never being here before I was amazed at how much scenic beauty is here. I highlighted some pictures from my travels. As for the lake this is the type of water I was dealing with.

When I get hired for a job I usually get a vacation rental or condo in a nearby town. For this instance I was sent to Seasons4 Mammoth Condos. This paticular condo palace was one of my favorites! It reminded my of another vacation rental I stayed out in Wyoming.  With beautiful fully furnished condos I felt at home the minute I stepped in.

Mammoth Condo Rentals

I really enjoyed the friendly staff, jacuzzi, and all the nearby town activities. I would have to agree that this is one place you dont want to miss. Now was it the best condo in Mammoth? That will have to be decided in the future. Hopefully some more people lose their dogs so I can find them. And on that note it turns out the lady that hired me had found her long lost puppy. He was with Grandpa on a hunting trip and Grandpa forgot to tell Grandma he was taking her. All and all this was a great trip. I got to vacation for free, go diving at Mammoth Lakes, and stay and a wonderful Mammoth Condo Reservation without spending a dime. Until next time. Stay tuned for Mammoth Condo Specials.